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All the musicians come from South Wales, but are happy to commit to bookings anywhere in the UK mainland. Together they provide a unique, very special jazz/swing sound

A man in an evening suit playing the piano

Keith Marshall

MD/Music Arranger/Piano

Keith is responsible for most of the repertoire's arrangements for the Little Big Band and and its smaller ensembles. He has written arrangements for groups in studios, theatre and for private hires. Keith was very popular in SE England, where he managed the much larger 'Keith Marshall Orchestra'

Phoebe Morgan


Phoebe has been singing since she was very young, competing regularly in Eisteddfods. She studied music at Cardiff University, specializing in vocal training. Phoebe also plays the flute, and now teaches music in secondary schools. She features regularly as a soloist in gigs and concerts.

A man in funky evening suit playing guitar

John Rodge

Guitar and Bass Guitar

John is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music. He plays rhythm guitar with the Little Big Band and bass guitar with some of the smaller ensembles. John is a guitar enthusiast, an exceptional jazz soloist, and an active teacher in the local community

A grey haired man in evening suit playing bass guitar

Chris Rose

Bass Guitar

Chris is a music graduate and an active teacher. He is a trained pianist and capable music arranger with some lively band arrangements to his credit in the repertoire. Chris also manages and plays in his own covers pop/rock band

A man in evenjing suit holding a pair of drumsticks

David James


Dave is an outstanding, capable and skilled drummer. He is an accomplished music reader and expert soloist, with a wealth of professional experience. He provides the solid rhythm base for both the Little Big Band and all its smaller ensembles

A male saxophonist in evening suit suit holding an alto saxophones saxaphone

Andy Jackson


Andy is one of the two great reed players in the front line. He is at home on a variety of different reed instruments, and provides a powerful top line for much of the band's sound. Andy is known for his fluent jazz improvisations. He is also an active music teacher when he is not playing in bands

A man in evening suit playing a saxophone

Chris Ryan


Chris is another music graduate and is much in demand by several different bands throughout Wales. He also provides some memorable solo improvisations in the Little Big Band as well as in the smaller ensembles. Chris also plays regularly in a local covers pop/rock band

A man in evening suit holding a flugelhorn

Scott Pickrell


Earlier in his life Scott played in brass bands before studying trumpet at The Welsh Academy of Music in Cardiff. He is an outstanding and powerful lead trumpet, capable of a huge range of notes. Scott doubles on the flugelhorn when required, which provides a unique sound

A man in evening suit holding a trombone

Rob Owen


Rob is a front-line brass player who has helped transform the Little Big Band sound into a real force. He has huge musical theatre experience, has a great range in his playing, and is a very versatile musician. Rob's expert trombone skills provide increased depth to the band's overall sound



The Keith Marshall Little Big Band - once known as ‘The Swing Machine’ - has wowed audiences for many years, providing vibrant programmes of jazz, swing, big band and popular ballad music across the country. In particular the band has been featured on the South of England circuit, playing alongside some of the big names of the time. Many of the band’s arrangements are written in the style of Count Basie and Duke Ellington, producing a big sound that is much larger than the band’s name suggests. The band also owes its success to its vocalists, and currently features Phoebe Morgan, who is also well known in the area for her vocal ability. Phoebe also teaches music in secondary schools.


Keith is responsible for almost all of the musical arrangements. He has written for - and played with - a large variety of other ensembles and popular groups in both studio and theatre, especially in the South of England. It was here that the larger Keith Marshall Orchestra featured in what were hugely popular Sunday evening concerts at the Adeline Genée Theatre in East Grinstead in Sussex, backing well known artistes such as Lesley Crowther and Bobby Crush. Sadly this theatre is now closed. Keith has also featured as a solo lounge pianist in such places as the Waldorf Hotel in London, and many similar venues.


As can be seen in the musicians profile summaries above, some of Wales’ most in-demand and versatile jazz musicians have committed themselves as regular members of The Keith Marshall Little Big Band, making it a sought-after experience for many different types of events, including corporate functions, weddings, festivals, balls, dances, and a variety of other party occasions in Wales and throughout the UK.

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