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Four men in evening suits holding brass instruments
Two men in evening suits holding guitars
A man in evening suit playing a drum kit
Lady in evening dress singing into a microphone with backing band
A man in hat and evening suit playing guitar
A man in evening suit holding sheet music
Five musicians posing for a photograph
Lady in glasses singing into a microphone
Four men in evening suits playing wind instruments
Eight musicians sitting together playing music
Three men in evening suits playing wind instruments and drums

The wind section, comprised of Andy Jackson, Chris Ryan, Scott Pickrell and Rob Owen, boasts a wealth of experience, and together they provide the core band sound which gives the music its classic jazz and swing character, demonstrated in such classic numbers as Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’ and Count Basie’s ‘Blues in Frankie’s Flat’. Andy and Chris, the woodwind players, support the band with a variety of different instruments, - tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet and flute, thus enabling the band to cover a variety of different jazz and swing sounds, including popular ballads like Stevie Wonder’s ‘You Are the Sunshine of My Life’. (For a full catalogue of available numbers, see ‘Repertoire’ page). Scott and Rob, who make up the brass section, also offer variety with trumpets, cornet, flugelhorn and trombone, with an assortment of mutes for every style.


The rhythm section, comprised of Keith Marshall (piano), David James (drums), John Rodge (guitar) and Chris Rose (bass guitar), are all committed and experienced musicians in their own right, and provide the rhythmic backbone that is so important to the jazz and swing numbers. Each of these players is a versatile musician, capable of providing the very best sounds on their instruments.


The band also owes its success to its vocalists, and currently features Sarah Benbow, who is also well known in classical circles. Sarah is also a leading soloist with the ‘Bella Voce’ ladies choir. As well as playing piano, Keith Marshall is responsible for almost all of the musical arrangements. He has also featured as a solo lounge pianist in such places as the Waldorf Hotel in London, and many similar venues.

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